VADER X Teaser promo video

Due to my 25 years of design background my work can sometimes add a more graphical aspect to my motion work than other photographers. Using 3D software and after effects is all part of what we offer. Fishing kit today is very sophisticated in its materials. The lighting I used was to create a elegant but dark edgy feel to this new piece of kit entering the market. Shows enough to tease and is designed to reflect the brand style of the company SONIK our client.


I was asked by Hasselblad if I would talk about my liquid work at the photography show recently at the NEC. Was delighted to do so, show my work and express my passion for working with liquids. So much fun! A great event.



"For our Client GROHE, we searched globally to find a liquid specialist with great expertise.“
David Lund's portfolio made it a very easy decision.

Visiting Davids studio in England and watching him bringing our visual to life was insightful. His ability to control liquid to form specific shapes was absolutely fascinating. His final composite image that he created was nothing short of perfect.

We could not be more happy with the end result.”

Kaj Gebhardt
Art Director GREYS Germany

The behind the scenes video, shows a lot of my tricks in shaping liquids...


Inspirational images were required for TOTAL's marketing. My approach was to create a more cinematic feel and look, by shooting and applying a very strong structured look and feel.

Promotional film for BOEHMER ET BASSENGE PARIS, showing the worlds most expensive diamond earrings

A thrilling project to promote the largest flawless diamond company, BOEHMER ET BASSENGE of Paris. Working with the advertising agency INARIA, I was commissioned to Direct this film. The film shows the worlds most expensive diamond earrings at 50 carats each earring. Shot using a Phantom Flex for beautifully smooth high speed capture, working again with the high speed specialist from Quench Studios. All editing and post work was done by myself using Devinci Resolve, Final Cut X and After effects. A very exciting project, thank you to all the team for working so hard on this one.

Ron Hill promotional video for trail shorts

As a photographer my background of 15 years was graphic design, this allows me with my team to create far more than just stills. Using Cinema 4D, After effects and a lot of imagination we love to create these types of social media videos to support the stills campaign. 

Why I specialise with liquids

As a commercial photographer you have to be able to shoot anything but you have to be known for something. For me its liquids. Its become a professional obsession. Continually exploring and devilling brand new innovative methods to capture image that make clients say 'WOW' and "How did you do that?'

When Coffee Met Baileys

Commissioned by the agency Mother London to Direct and create the liquid footage for the latest Baileys campaign designed for the new high resolution digital displays now common place across the UK. 

The brief was to capture the beautiful blending of coffee and Baileys mixing. Filmed with my team we used the Phantom Flex to shoot at up to 1000fps and where able slow down the mixing to create the most lustrous silky smooth motion.

This behind the scenes video shows some of the unique techniques which I designed specifically to achieve the exact style of effect that the client desired.  

We had a lot of fun filming this campaign and I'm sure you’ll agree the end results look delicious.